Pre-List Home Inspections for Sellers

A Pre-List home inspection of major systems and safety issues along with the seller's disclosure can most accurately portray the true condition of a home. When a buyer tours the home, the first thing they will notice is The AmeriSpec Report, letting them know that this house has already been inspected by one of the leading Home Inspection Companies in the Industry. This one inspection should make the entire transaction run much more smoothly.

Benefits of using Pre-List Inspections for Sellers

1. Discover property conditions before a buyer ever walks through the door
2. Seller can shop contractors looking for best price for repairs
3. Seller can fix the problems and display the receipts showing what repairs have been made
4. Help prevent buyers from subtracting thousands of dollars for what may be a hundred dollars worth of repairs
5. Less renegotiations
6. Properties show better
7. Demonstrate that they are movitated and have nothing to hide

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